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The Anti Flat Flip Flop


Flip flops have a long history that can be traced all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians. Today, flip flops are the top choice for beach footwear and for wearing for any occasion that calls for a cool, convenient slip-on. While centuries have passed from the creation of those original ancient flip flop designs, most modern styles are much like them--a basic flat sole held in place by a Y-shaped strap. Even though we now understand so much more about the importance of arch support for the health of the feet, the basic flip flop remains stiff and unsupportive, leaving many people with pain and swelling after wearing their favorite flip flops. 

Flopeds are the next step in the evolution of the classic flip flop. When creating our ORTHOTIC support flip flops, we took into consideration the anatomy of the feet and what happens when you take every step. By engineering our kids, TAF3 and Laguna flip flops to the actual specifications of the foot, we have made Flopeds to not just be good for keeping sand out on the beach, but also good for your feet. 

To make Flopeds the most comfortable, supportive flip flops on the market, our ORTHOTIC sandals include many innovations that you simply won't find in other flip flop collections. Our flip flops with arch support keep the feet ideally positioned whether you're standing or walking. The raised metatarsal area takes pressure off the fronts of the feet, making our styles true comfort flip flops. As you walk, the heel cup at the backs of the sandals cushions your heel as it strikes the sole and reduces slippage to improve safety. We have even improved the design of the Y-strap, crafting it from one piece of high quality foam for a more comfy fit. 

Lightweight yet durable because of their EVA construction, Flopeds flip flops with arch support bring you the coolness and convenience of the flip flop with a design that will protect and cushion your feet. Discover the difference that our comfort flip flops can make. Shop the Flopeds collection today.


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